• Family Plan

    To create a family financial plan, you need to consider the most important needs, goals, capabilities and resources of each family member. You may need professional help to include your spouse and children into the overall financial plan.

    How can one set financial family goals to a common denominator? You need to become a coordinator who will establish a mutual cooperation of members of your family as a whole. It is like a team play where everyone has his own roles and his tasks they are responsible for. When everyone does his job well, the team’s results are excellent.

    We will create your family’s financial plan and personal trading accounts for each member, regardless of age (this may be even your elderly parents or a 3 years old child).

    Your family will be provided with a personal manager who will help to carry out all financial transactions.

  • VIP Plan

    This plan will provide you with the best short-term and long-term deals. Your personal account will become a part of a closed VIP community, where you will be able to track the deals and receive strategies from the best traders. As a VIP trader, you will be the first to get an access to new insurance deals.

    Customer support for your account will include:

    Personal support: from a special VIP team anytime – 24/7

    Your call is our priority: you can contact your manager at any time and your request for a call-back will be taken into account instantly.

    Immediate assistance: response within 5 seconds via live chat or e-mail.

  • Secondary income plan

    Secondary income is the ability to get more money by adding another source of steady income.

    The creation of a business as a secondary income is a complicated and expensive process. Before it becomes profitable, the risk to lose invested funds is usually too high.

    We offer you to create an impressive secondary income in a short period of time according to your abilities.

    We teach from the ground up

    The training team at Glory-Finance teaches the clients of any skill level. If you are a beginner, we will guide you from basic skills to a stable income in trading. Upon the registration, your manager will contact you and make your personal financial plan based on your skill level and desired goals.

    We ensure, that every client implements 100% of individual abilities.

  • Retirement plan

    Retirement as the finish of your career and financial development is a common misconception.

    Real facts: According to AARP, 40% of baby boomers plan to work until the end of life. The idea of retirement is not considered by people over 60 years old since most of them cannot afford to retire and, most likely, will continue their work (working). The predetermined financial plan will help to solve many difficulties in the process of retirement.

    Clauses of your financial plan that will help to minimize negative effects of retirement:

    Planning of real estate investment

    Definition of current income

    Elimination of redundant expenses

    Review of the insurance system

  • Vacation Plan

    Automated payments for your vacation. We offer you to set up regular automatic deductions which will form a significant amount within a year. For example, a deduction of $250 a week ($35 per day) will be converted into $12,000 per year and will come in total (adding the amount of income) to $51,000 at the end of the year. This amount can finance many of your desires: tours around the world, dinners in restaurants, and even a wedding ceremony in the most beautiful places on the planet.

    At the same time, you can find special holiday offers for the whole family at the price less than $2,500.

    You can set up regular deductions from your salary to your deposit account and easily allocate your deposit among several accounts. Every month, a small percent will be automatically deducted from your salary to your deposit for traveling. This option of saving money is convenient because of two reasons: it does not require reminders, and you will not be able to spend the saved amount ahead of time.