NEVER open an attachment or click on a link of an unsolicited or suspicious looking email, as the sender could be phishing.

Phishing is a form of theft that involves sending the victim an official looking email. The email message either includes an attachment which, when opened, installs spyware on your system to steal your personal details, or contains links that send you to a seemingly legitimate website where you are asked to fill in a form asking for your financial/personal information.

NEVER give out your Glory-Finance personal account details, in response to a pop-up, phone call or email. Instead, contact us directly via the Contact US page on the Glory-Finance site.

While we may contact you on occasion for the purpose of updating our database, we will not ask you for your login username and password. If you do receive a request for personal details, or if you have any hesitation about the validity of any appeal for private information in the name of Glory-Finance then please contact us directly to verify the request via phone or email. Our contact details can be found on the company website.